Shapeshift Affiliate Sign-up Page

The ShapeShift API gives developers a multitude of ways to integrate our instant altcoin exchange services into wallets, websites and much more. For those developers looking for an partner/commission opportunity, Shapeshift now offers our affiliate program. Below, you may sign-up for affiliate order-tracking keys so that ShapeShift can track volume associated with your API calls.

Interested in seeing if your ShapeShift API integration qualifies for our affiliate revenue share, profit or fixed price deals? Email [email protected] with the subject Re: "Inquiry on Affiliate Program", to schedule a time to discuss these opportunities.

  • Bitcoin Address
         Please enter an address where you can receive bitcoin payments for commissions, preferred-customer shifts, split-shifts (future features).

    You will receive a public api key and a private api key. The public key can go in your web interface, shifty button, or any public-facing app. The private key is used to lookup your transactions and stats through our API Functions for Affiliates, and should be kept secret.

Click here. to receive your affiliate keys. It may take a few seconds.